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New Student Orientation: Step 4: Getting Ready for Classes

Step 4

Step Four

Getting Ready for Classes

Have you done everything you need to do to prepare for your classes? Below is a checklist of things you should do before classes start. Click on the tabs below for more details.

How will you be paying for your classes? Have you completed your FAFSA yet? Use some of the links below to assist with your planning process:

★Be on the lookout for an invitation to Accepted Student Night!

Accepted Student Night is an opportunity to socialize with fellow students in your program and faculty, while gaining some key important information about your program. You can also review key checklist items to complete prior to the first day of class. Student services staff will be available to answer any questions you may have as well.

Invitations will come via post mail, email, and even text message. Please RSVP to let us know if you will be coming. Attendance is expected. The event lasts around 1- 1 1/2 hours. Dress codes is casual and light refreshments will be served.

Please note: this event is dedicated to students. A lounge space will be available for parents and guests.

Upcoming Dates:


Questions? Contact 

★Ensure you have the right technology to participate in your classes

Student Computer System Specifications

More than ever, having access to a modern, reliable computer is critical in order to succeed at College. KVCC has developed the minimum set of computer specifications listed below to help students ensure their current device will help them with their studies, and to help students who are looking to purchase a new computer make the best decision.

While the specifications listed below are suitable for most KVCC classes, be sure to find out if your specific program of study has any requirements in addition to these.

  • Intel Core i3 8th Generation or better processor
  • Windows 11
  • At least 8 GB RAM
  • 120 GB of storage, on a Solid-State Drive (HDD not recommended)
  • Webcam & Microphone (integrated or external)

Internet Requirements

All students need reliable access to broadband Internet (cable/fiber). Wireless internet can be inconsistent, and should not be relied upon as a primary internet source. If you are taking online courses, it is especially important to make sure that you have high speed internet access that can support any software that you will need to run. 

If you have any questions about these specifications, please reach out to our Support Desk at or by phone at 207.453.5079. 

If you are unsure about your ability to purchase or access a computer that meets these specifications, contact the Advising Center to discuss what options might be available to you. 

★Check your KVCC email 

It is important to check your KVCC email regularly. If you are taking classes online, this may be the only way that you receive important updates about your class. It is also how you will communicate with your instructor. If you email an instructor from a personal email, it is possible that it could go to their spam folder, and they might not see it. You can install the Microsoft Outlook app on your phone to make sure you never miss an email. Directions on how to access your email on a mobile device linked here.

Get in on Google PlayDownload on the App Store 

★Download the KVCC App 

The KVCC app is a great way to stay updated on everything happening at KVCC. You will get notifications about events and cancellations on campus, have easy access to a copy of your class schedule, connect with other students through the Student Feed, and more!

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

★Download Office 365 

If you do not already have Office 365 on your computer, you can install it on up to five devices using your KVCC email account. Open the PDF linked in the image below for more information and instructions on how to install it on your device(s). 

Office 365

★Get your student ID card

Your student ID card gives you access to the Food Pantry and Café on campus, as well as discounts at certain businesses within the community. You can get your student ID card by stopping into the IT Services office on the Fairfield campus during their usual business hours.

★Other Technology Resources

★Submit your immunization records

All matriculated students born after 1956 are required by Maine State Law to show proof of immunizations for measles, mumps, rubella, and diphtheria/tetanus. Immunization records should be provided to enrollment services.  As of 9/1/2021 the state of Maine will no longer allow for immunizations to be waived due to philosophical or religious beliefs.

All required immunizations can be found on our Immunization form linked here: IMMUNIZATION FORM. This can be brought to your healthcare provider that has records of your immunizations and completed. They can either mail the form to us at 92 Wester Ave, Fairfield Maine Atten: Enrollment Services or scanned and emailed to us at

★Submit your transcripts

If you graduated from high school after applying to KVCC, you may need to contact your high school to make sure that they fax your final high school transcript to KVCC. If you have taken classes at another college (including courses taken in high school), you should request that your transcript be sent from that school to KVCC.

All transcripts can be emailed to 

If you have questions about your transfer credit, please send an email to 

★Pay your tuition deposit

The tuition deposit is a one time fee of $75 to confirm your enrollment at KVCC. If you graduated from high school or earned your GED/HiSET between the years of 2020-2025, the Free College Scholarship will cover the cost of your tuition deposit. You can pay your tuition depost online in the KV portal, in the "Admissions" tab. If you would prefer to pay in-person, please visit the Business Office (first floor, Carter Hall). Payment may also be completed by calling (207) 453-5140.


Much of the first-day-of-class anxiety can come from not knowing where to go, or what to do on that first day. Mapping out where to go ahead of time can help cut down on potential stress, and ensure that you get to where you need to be on time! 

★Check the calendar 

The academic calendar has all of the important dates listed for the entire academic year, including: the day that classes start and end for the semester, dates that the college is closed, deadlines (last day of add/drop, last day to withdraw from a class), and more. 

★Access a copy of your class schedule 

You can find your class schedule with the day, time, and location of each of your classes in two locations. (1) The KVCC app, or (2) the My KV Portal by logging in and going to the “Academics” tab, then “My Coursework,” and then “Course Schedule.” (Note: If you can’t see your schedule in the portal, make sure that you are in the right term, which can be changed in the drop-down menu.) Below is an example of where you can find your schedule in the portal. 

Example image for where to find your schedule in the portal

★For in person classes 

  • Using your class schedule, locate where your classes will be. Remember that KVCC has two campus locations (Fairfield and Alfond). You can use the campus maps linked below to locate the buildings where your classes will be. 

  • Alfond Campus map with directions:  

  • Fairfield Campus map with directions: 

  • Classes with a room number in the 100 range will be on the first floor, and those in the 200 range will be on the second floor. 

  • You can stop by either campus before classes start to scout out where your classes will be.  

★ For online classes 

  • Using your class schedule, identify if you have any classes with live virtual meeting times. If you see a day and time listed for the class in your schedule, this means the class has either a Zoom or Microsoft Teams Meeting to attend.  

  • If you have a live virtual meeting to attend, make sure to install Zoom and/or Teams onto your computer, and have an account created that is ready to use. If this is your first time using Zoom or Teams, you should try making a test meeting for yourself, to make sure that everything is set up for your first class. 

  • Asynchronous online classes do not have any live virtual meetings to attend (this is indicated by the class scheduling saying “Online; Online, Online,” and not listing a schedule meeting time. You will still have weekly deadlines that you need to complete for assignments, so don’t forget to log into Brightspace on the day that classes start. 

  • Learn how to navigate Brightspace (see more information about Brightspace 101 below). 

★Register for your parking permit 

If you are planning to commute to campus using a car (for classes or campus resources) you will want to register for a parking permit. Parking permits are included with your tuition and mandatory fees, so you do not need to pay out of pocket for it. Directions for how to get your parking permit linked here.


★Become Familiar with Brightspace

Brightspace is the online learning management system you will use at KVCC.  Use these resources to master this necessary tool.

Step One: Log in and complete the Brightspace 101 course:

Brightspace 101

Step Two: Watch the video tutorials linked on this page.

Need further assistance? Schedule an appointment with the Advising Center for a personal tutorial.

Pulse App LogoThe Pulse App keeps you connected to your courses via your mobile device. 
                      Download the app using the links below ↓

App Store LinkGoogle Play Link

★Get connected with the resources that can help you on campus! 

KVCC offers many free resources to help students (both in person on campus and online). Below are links to more information on each of them. If you need help navigating which resources to connect to, and how to connect with them, contact the Advising Center! 

★ Find Opportunities to Engage! 

There are numerous opportunities to engage with fellow classmates and the KVCC community.  Use the links below to explore your options:

★Purchase your required textbooks. Review the guide below to learn how.

Getting Textbooks by Brooke Curtis