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Lunder Student Success Center: Disability Support

Individual or Group Mental Health and Wellness Services and Referrals

Disability Services

Disability Services at KVCC: 

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which prohibit discrimination based on disability, KVCC is committed to providing equal access to academic programs and college-sponsored activities and reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities. It is the responsibility of a current or prospective student with a disability to identify himself/herself as having a disability and formally requesting accommodations. The first step in this process is to submit current documentation of your disability. For more specific information on documentation guidelines, please see guidelines in “Documentation” Section of brochure here). Applicants and current students may mail or email documentation along with what accommodations are being requested to:


Kennebec Valley Community College
Disability Services 92 Western Avenue, Fairfield, ME 04937



Office Phone: (207) 453-5150

Phone: (207) 431-2694 (call/text)

Learn More about ADA and Section 504:


Documentation Guidelines

Documentation must meet the following criteria:

Be written by a qualified practitioner or diagnostician;

Be current- in most cases three years). In some instances, the currency of the documentation will be less given the nature of the disability.  For example, mental health diagnoses may require a more current report;
State a specific diagnosis of the disability;
Include a description of diagnostic methodology, including diagnostic criteria, evaluation methods , testing dates and results;
Be on letterhead and signed by the professional submitting the report;
Explain the impact the disability may have on the student’s academic and vocational environment, and;
Provide a description of any accommodation and/or auxiliary aid used in the past.

The laws applicable to disability accommodations in the college/university setting are different from those in K - 12. IEPs and 504 Plans are welcomed to provide an understanding of the student’s needs.