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Credit for Prior Learning: Home

Get Credit for What You Know

The practice of awarding credit for college-level prior learning is based upon the belief that the education which builds on, interprets, and incorporates past and present knowledge is the education that is most meaningful to the student. At KVCC, we value the college-level knowledge students may have acquired through past work, independent reading and study, training programs or in-service courses, volunteer service or other experiences. Depending on your prior learning, work, or life experiences, you could greatly reduce the number of courses needed to earn your degree or accelerate your path to a degree, saving time and money.

You may be eligible for credit for prior learning – educational, work, or military experiences; professional licensure or certification; credit from high school courses; and other knowledge and skills – that is equivalent to the college-level knowledge required in the KVCC curriculum. To seek credit for prior learning, you must be formally admitted into a degree program at KVCC. 


To be eligible for credit for prior college-level learning, the student will:

  • Be matriculated in one of the College’s degree programs.
  • Have a requirement(s) in their academic programs, to which prior learning credits could apply.

Methods of Prior Learning that may be assessed for credit

The basis for evaluating prior learning is by course equivalency, i.e. learning evidenced by any of the prior learning assessment (PLA) methods is assessed by comparison with the learning objectives of individual courses (or discipline area electives), and the credits awarded are applied for those courses. KVCC uses the following methods to assess prior learning:

  • Transfer Credit
  • Credit by Examination
  • Credential Review
  • Military Transcript Review
  • Portfolio Review

Prior Learning Documents

  • Prior Learning Checklist
  • Prior Learning Request
  • KVCC Prior Learning Standards and Course Equivalencies