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New Student Orientation: Step3: Registration

Step Three

★ Register for Classes

Once the registration period opens for the upcoming semester(s) (see the Academic Calendar), you can enroll in your required courses.  Follow the Registration Basics tutorial below.  You may also wait to complete this step during your one-on-one advising meeting.

Step One: Review/Create a Degree Progression Plan

Always check in with your advisor and review/create your degree progression plan.  This is an important step to ensure that you pick out the courses that will meet your degree requirements and personal/educational goals.  As you progress, make any necessary updates to your progression plan, especially if your goals and enrollment plans change.  You can use your Printable Advising Worksheet in the portal as a place to start.

Liberal Studies and General Studies Majors - If you are planning to transfer or have unique individualized academic and career goals, your Advising Worksheet in the KV Portal may not reflect your unique journey.  You can create a more personalized plan with your advisor.

Step Two: Review Course Options

When the semester schedule becomes available, typically [2 weeks] before registration opens, review the schedule and select the optimal sections for you.  Things to keep in mind:

  • Modality - Select a course modality that best meets your learning needs.  Are you someone who learns best in person? Then you may want to avoid online options.
  • Days & Times - Keep in mind your outside commitments (work, personal life, etc.) and your travel time to and from classes.  Will you have trouble attending classes with your planned schedule?  If so, you will want to make other selections.
  • Workload - For every hour of in-class time, expect to spend 2-3 hours outside of class doing homework, studying and assignments.  If you have a job and/or are a caregiver, be mindful of your expected school workload.  And don't forget to plan time for self-care!
  • Pre- & Co-requisites - Prerequisites are courses or requirements that must be complete prior to taking a course.  Co-requisites are courses or requirements that must be completed prior or concurrently.  You should have these figured out with your degree progression plan.
  • Transferability - If your long-term plan is to transfer to another institution or program, be sure to verify that the courses you have selected are transferable credits.  For further guidance on this, please see an advisor or review the Transfer Resources.

If you have questions, always reach out to your advisor or the Advising Center.  Both can provide guidance in the selection process.

Step Three: Register for your semester courses

Log into your KV Portal > Select the Academic Tab > then the My Registration item on your left-side menu > complete the Registration Agreement Form > and the select the appropriate term > and search to find the courses you picked out > then use the Add Courses option to enroll.

Note: Do you have a past due balance?  Do you have any outstanding documents you need to submit, like immunization records?  If so, you may have a hold on  your account and will not be able to enroll until you have cleared these items.  Contact the Advising Center to review and schedule the requisite steps to clear these holds.

Step Four: Review your Advising Worksheet

It is always a good idea to review your Advising Worksheet to ensure that the courses you have selected are fitting in where you need them to.  You can find your worksheet under the Academics tab in the portal by selecting My Registration (on the left), then "View All Details" in the middle of the page, then select "Printable Advising Worksheet."

Note: For those with individualized plans, the worksheet may not be completely accurate.  Your advisor and the advising center can help review this with you.

Step Five: Review your financial plan

Will you be paying for classes out of pocket or seeking financial assistance?  When you get your semester bill, always review your financial plan to pay for the semester, and check in with the Financial Aid office to confirm your awards if necessary.

Don't forget books!  You can find and purchase your textbooks through the Online Bookstore.

Step Six: Mark your calendar!

Be mindful of semester and course start & end dates.  If you are in a flex start or short session course, mark them on your academic planner so that you are aware and be prepared for the first day of class.

It is also important to note add/drop and withdrawal dates.  If you ever have a question, reach out to your advisor or the Advising Center for clarification and guidance.

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★ Create a Financial Plan

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