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For many students, KVCC is just the first step in their educational journey.  Students who plan to continue their education at another institution after attending KVCC may want to take advantage of the transfer assistance available.

We can help transferring students:

  • Identify 4-year schools that offer the major they wish to pursue
  • Access application materials
  • Request transcripts
  • Connect with transfer advisors at other schools

The process of transferring to a new college might seem overwhelming, but really it’s just a simple matter of gathering the materials you need.  The information on this page will provide access to the information, people, and resources you need to transfer with ease.

“In Maine, community college tuition is so low that I genuinely can’t understand why any student doesn’t complete at least the first year at one. No matter where students attend college, their first year is generally spent completing general education requirements like English, math and science. It makes perfect financial sense to complete those courses at a community college for a fraction of the cost, and transfer them into a four-year college to complete a bachelor’s degree.” – Carrie Hall, Humanities Instructor KVCC

What is a Transfer Agreement?

A transfer agreement is an understanding between two academic institutions that a course or program offered at one institution will be accepted for transfer credit at the partnering institution. KVCC has transfer agreements with a number of four-year colleges and universities.  

Transferring credits between Maine’s Community Colleges

This Course Equivalency Matrix provides a quick reference guide for students who are interested in transferring general education course credits from one Maine community college to another.  Although the chart is updated on a regular basis, students are encouraged to confirm the information with the school to which they wish to transfer their credits.

Transfer to the University of Maine System

It’s easier than ever to start at a Maine community college and finish your degree at one of Maine’s public universities.  There are opportunities for guaranteed admission and advanced standing! It’s affordable and we work closely with the University of Maine System to offer many helpful resources to ease the transfer process, including:

  • An online guide to help you determine which of your courses and credits will transfer
  • Transfer advisors at each of the University of Maine campuses
  • block transfer agreement that makes it possible for students in Associate in Arts programs to transfer up to 35 credits of general education requirements to any one of the 15 institutions within the Maine community college and University of Maine systems.
  • AdvantageU: for MCCS Liberal Studies students, guaranteed admission to UMS with advanced standing.