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Lunder Student Success Center: Tutoring

Individual or Group Mental Health and Wellness Services and Referrals

Services Tutors Offer

What Tutoring Services Does Lunder Provide?

Campus tutoring is an opportunity for KVCC students to receive additional support in most courses at KVCC.

The Lunder Student Success Center tutoring staff will provide workshops pertaining to specific skills necessary for academic success, such as study skills, time management, resiliency, and more.

Tutoring will be provided during virtual drop-in hours, by appointment, and in group study sessions. Some tutoring services will be available both in person and virtually at this time.

To receive tutoring services, please click the link below:



Tutoring Student Drop-In hours

Student drop-in hours will be available to all students and will offer a set time for students to connect with campus resources and tutoring. This will be offered at Lunder Student Success Center with either the Associate Dean of Student Success or a peer tutor.


In Person: Tuesday’s- 3:00pm- 4:00pm in Lunder 124

In Person: Wednesday's- 4:00pm- 5:00pm Averill 205

Virtually:  Wednesday’s- 3:00 pm- 4:00pm on zoom

What Can Tutors Do?

What Can the Tutors at KVCC Do?

Peer/Professional Tutor Do’s

  • Support students in understanding the academic material
  • Provide students with the skills to succeed in the course
  • Assist in understanding assignments
  • Help students navigate course materials
  • Provide guidance in completing assignments
  • Connect students to all necessary campus resources
  • Tutors may limit hours, based on determined need

Peer/Professional Tutor Don’ts

  • Take tests or complete assignments for students
  • Over-support students with an entire assignment
  • Provide personal favors  
  • Provide daily support for an individual student