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Lunder Student Success Academic Support: Student Success Center Resources

What does the Student Success Center have to offer?

The Lunder Student Success Center has a variety of services to offer the students at KVCC. In the Lunder Student Success Center, we are focused on creating a space for our students to feel safe, comfortable and - most of all - welcome. The Lunder Student Success Center takes a holistic approach to your experience at KVCC, and we offer a space for you to study, eat, relax, and engage with your peers.

The Student Success Center offers numerous resources for the students of KVCC that allow you to collaborate with your fellow students, faculty, and staff. A few examples of this would be the frequent lunch and learn opportunities we host in the Student Success Center or the snacks that we have stocked for our campus community. Other services that the Student Success Center provide may be more focused towards academics, like our library services and Academic Success Area. These are a few examples of support we provide for our students here at KVCC.

If you have a challenge, come to the Lunder Student Success Center and we can help you work through it! 

Student FAQ's

Tips for Success

  1. Know your goals and values.

  2. Turn long-term goals into short-term plans.

  3. Go to class and attend office hours.

  4. Build skills relevant to your coursework.

  5. Assess your learning style.

  6. Try new things.

  7. Maintain a social balance.

  8. Manage your time with intention.

  9. Take care of your health.

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Student Success Contact Information

Associate Dean of Student Success

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