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Advising Center: Advising FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Select the questions below to find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

You can find your advisor's name and contact information in your MyKV portal.
All advisors have voicemail and e-mail. If the matter is not an urgent one, then it is best to leave your advisor a message requesting an appointment to meet. However, if the matter is time-sensitive (say it’s the last day of the add/drop period) then you should call or drop by the Advising Center in the Lunder Building or contact us via email ( or phone (207-453-5118).
Your advisor is going to be your greatest resource in reviewing your degree requirements and creating a progression plan. You can find your worksheet under the Academics tab in the portal by selecting My Registration (on the left), then "View All Details" in the middle of the page, then select "Printable Advising Worksheet."
You will register through the MyKV Portal. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how.

It is always a good idea to speak with your advisor or contact the Advising Center to discuss this change, however you can submit request using this form.
Before making any changes to your schedule, it is important to check with the Financial Aid Office. Dropping one course can impact how much financial aid you receive and the status of your student loans.
Withdrawing from a course can be an option, but it should be your last resort. First, speak with your instructor. Is it really as bad as you think? Ask what you need to do to bring your grade up to a passing level. Next take a look at your study habits. Are you studying enough? Most classes require 1-2 hours of study for each hour you are in class. Most importantly, have you taken advantage of the great academic resources that KVCC offers? The Learning Commons can help with time management, study strategies, tutoring, and much more! Withdrawing completely from all classes in a semester will adversely impact your financial aid. You may owe funds back to the College. If you receive financial aid, check with the staff before withdrawing. The email is
Humanities Electives are studies which expand the student’s awareness of the human condition and appreciation of human needs, values and achievements. Humanities include studies of literature, languages, geography, history, philosophy, religion, and history and appreciation of the fine arts.

Excluded from meeting Humanities requirements are courses in composition, speech, technical writing, performing arts, and behavioral, physical, and biological sciences. In the KVCC catalog, courses that count as Humanities Electives have a designation of (H) next to the title.

General Education Electives may be chosen from the following fields: Humanities, Math, English, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. The following courses: CPT 117 and MAS 121 may also be used to fulfill a General Education Elective.

Social Science Electives may be chosen from the following fields: Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, and Economics.

For further guidance, see Electives Resource above.

Yes. Your graduation Application can be found in your MyKV Portal under the Academics tab, inside the "My Degree" menu. Please note: there are deadlines you must meet to fully participate in the commencement ceremony! Contact the Registrar's Office with any questions.

Didn't find your question? Reach out the Advising Center by calling 453-5118 or emailing

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